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About Us

Welcome to The Centennial Inn where we love hosting guests in our bed and breakfast.  The Centennial Inn sits in a quiet corner of a small community called Centennial.  The beautiful countryside sets the stage for a weekend of rest and relaxation.    


The Centennial Inn: A Home with a Past  


Located next to The Centennial Inn is the Centennial Lodge.  The Centennial Lodge used to be the Centennial School.  In 1936, the surrounding communities came together to form a centralized, rural high school.  Named to commemorate Texas' Centennial of Independence, the Centennial school became the second rural high school in Coleman County.  After the school burned in 1940, the WPA helped rebuild the school, adding a teacherage and gymnasium.  The campus became a consolidated Talpa-Centennial school in 1958.  It served as an elementary campus for Panther Creek school starting in 1986.  In 1988, Panther Creek moved all their students to a new campus near Voss, Texas.  The Centennial school then became a cooperative alternative campus and later a lodge in 2008.  


During one of the property's transitions, the teacherage became the home economics building, and another teacherage was added to the property.  The home economics building is now a private residence.  The teacherage has been remodeled into The Centennial Inn.  



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